Seamus Thomson   

Seamus is a recent graduate of Mechanical (Biomedical) Engineering and Medical Science from the University of Sydney. His final-year honours thesis, investigating the role and substitution of trace elements in the bone remodelling process, won the VSSEC-NASA Australian Space Prize Category for Biology and Physiology. In 2014-15, Seamus completed his undergraduate research internship in the United States at the Institute of Materials Science CT where he worked on a novel tissue engineering material. In addition to his research experience, he is a keen innovator and led his team to win the major prize in the Sydney Genesis StartUp Program. Seamus is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney as an active clinical and laboratory researcher, he is currently at NASA’s Ames Research Center on research placement.IMG_0391

Anirban Ghose  

As the technical director of Vasoprint, Anirban is credited with developing the hardware and software components of our product. He is a Mechatronic Engineering and Nanoscience honours graduate from the University of Sydney who is passionate about transforming the latest technology into healthcare solutions. Prior to joining Seamus at Vasoprint, Anirban’s research curiosity has scoped across a variety of different projects including autonomous robotics, data management and analysis applications, drone programming, semiconductor design, and software tools for user-defined lighting interfaces. His industry skills and expertise across systems integration, product development, device debugging, and human interaction design are at the core of what we do.


Peter Fairfield

Peter is the company secretary of Vasoprint and brings a depth of corporate and legal guidance to the Vasoprint team. Peter’s experience with board management for a leading global healthcare company is invaluable to advising our commercial and legal directions.